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  • Washington Park
  • Vine City 

The great thing about urban centers is just how much stuff you find around you. Your favorite park and train station are both within short walking distance of your front door. It's con​venient and adds to how much you get out of your place.


Ask one of our leasing agents about a property near your favorite spots.

Living in the city's an expensive proposition – there's no need to make it harder on yourself by paying an exorbitant amount for rent.


All of our Homes represent a great value. That isn't to say they're cheap, tacky, or low quality. We believe with some hard work, you can find something great.

What We Offer

219 Ollie St NW

2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom

$850 Rent

Superb Value

202 Walnut St NW

3 Bedroom/2 Bathroom

$750 Rent